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Yvon Lambert, On Vacation

Publication, 2014

On Vacation


"On Vacation" tells of a rural space. The photography work illustrates tradition, cultural heritage and their marketing. Much like an essay on individual visions and local identity, the photographs are a convincing descriptive sketch of freedom and leisure time, which appear neither real nor unreal, but instead genuine and authentic.

"On Vacation" is the story of an awareness of life!

Photographs - Yvon Lambert
Text - Annick Meyer
Publisher - Clervaux - cité de l'image
168 pages binded
ISBN: 978-99959-0-080-9

Print - Imprimerie Impresor-Pauwels, Bruxelles 2014
Graphic design - Olivier Lamy, Bruxelles
Edition of 800 copies

Published within the framework of the exhibition ON VACATION
(at former "Bra'haus", Clervaux, 25.07.2014 - 26.10.2014 )