The collection


Using the presence of the exhibition "The Family of Man" as a starting point, the town Clervaux is working towards building a cultural identity around the image of photography. It showcases mainly photography in the public sphere. Concomitantly it is promoting photographic commissions that lead to a better comprehension of the territory, namely the landscape and its people.

As a town located in the midst of a rural region, Clervaux has links to the country's agricultural sector, as well as its tourist sector. The region's development can be traced back through its tourism, cultural, ecological, economic and rural aspects. These factors work together when it comes to building the future and designing the landscape. 

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These assignments aim to illustrate over time what defines Clervaux through the prism of documentary and artistic photography. The photographic research analyses the local architecture, its cultural tradition, its history, its urban fabric, its rural life and inhabitants.

In a rapidly changing world, the photographic medium allows such changes to be recorded and thus to create a visual heritage that will reveal its purpose in the future.

Each photographic commission constitutes a personal research and unique perspective by a photographer, which will integrate the collection of "Clervaux - cité de l'image".


The collection constitutes a digital pool. The produced images can be made visible in an exhibition, as well as part of a publication. The bespoke projects take shape according to the particular photographic research.