The association Clervaux - cité de l'image elaborates different programms around the medium of photography:

- temporary exhibitions,

- a project to show art in public space,

- different workshops,

- an artist in residence programm.

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In 2004 a cultural initiative started in Clervaux, in the heart of the Luxembourg Ardennes. The close collaboration between the municipality of Clervaux, the Natural Park Our and the photo exhibition « The Family of Man » led to a cultural project whose subject relies on the given structures. Its concept fits perfectly into the regional strategy and holds a potential for exchange on different levels with the neighbour communities and related institutions. The medium photography is in the centre of different researches. Since July 2004 the town of Clervaux presents itself as "cité de l'image".

At this time the project is managed by a working group of volunteers who aim at developing the cultural offer in the region.


Since more than ten years the Family of Man is situated in the castle of Clervaux. The permanent exhibition is an important element for Clervaux and for the history of photography. This collection of photographs represents the basis of the project "cité de l'image" and defines all reflexion that gives attention to photography.

To always stimulate anew the engagement with the historical collection, it is necessary to be confronted with contemporary works. In fact, the promotion of contemporary photography in the region is one of the basic concerns of the organisers.

The "cité de l'image" proposes different independent projects all around the photographic image. Various events - exhibitions, ateliers, and conferences - are organized to strongly emphasise the identity of Clervaux. All of this is meant to analyse the role of the images within the actual social and local countryside.

Finally, the project serves as platform for young artists from the region, from the Grand Duchy and / or from the foreign countries.


To develop the fundament that has been worked out in the cultural programm, an association (association sans but lucratif, i.e. registered association) has been founded in September 2008: Clervaux - cité de l'image a.s.b.l.

Its mission is the promotion of Clervaux as "cité de l'image" on local, national and transnational level. This also includes the broadening of the cultural and touristic offer.


Thanks to a cultural investment, which has been promoted from the municipality of Clervaux and the close and professional collaboration with reliable partners, the association can realise its projects and guarantee the exchange with the population and the local economic authorities.

One of these partners is the Natural Park Our. Clervaux is one out of eleven communities within the Natural Park Our. The unit Natural Park Our is concerned with the constant exchange between the different communities. Furthermore its mission is the development and promotion of socio-cultural projects.

The collaboration with the Natural Park Our and the "Family of Man" integrates the community Clervaux into a strategy of exchange and communication that aims for a regional, national and transnational expansion. There is already a national north-south connection through the common interest that is brought to photography, which connects the "cité de l'image" with the city Dudelange, particularly with the "Centre National de l'Audiovisuel" (CNA / www.cna.lu.).


The structure of the "cité de l'image" is based on its modular character: interactive modules form a program that connects the free choice between a permanent exhibition, temporary events and an artistic space under the open sky with an artist in residence project.

- The Family of Man is a lasting cultural offer, permanent and timeless. The exhibition remains accessible in the interiors of the castles throughout the years.

- The Gardens ("Jardins") are a constant structure whose content changes every 12 months.

- The temporary exhibitions offer a renewable and varied program.

The projects melt together and add to each other, either through their thematic perspective or through activities like combined openings, conferences or ateliers.